The Cooperative Deck-Building Space Tactics Game

Travel Phase and Requisition Phase

Travel: In the Travel phase, after completing the actions on any cards in play with Travel icons, each player may move their ship token (or miniature) to any sector. All Strike Force ships are equipped with perfectly adequate Internodal Drives and can Travel from one sector to any other without difficulty. Strike Force ship tokens start the game on their play area, or “deep space”, and during the first Travel phase of the game, each player moves their ship to one of the three sectors. Strike Force ships cannot return to deep space until the Opposition is defeated. 

Requisition: At the start of this phase, after completing the actions on any cards in play with Requisition icons, each player reveals their hand and totals the value of the Credits on their cards. Then, each player may purchase cards equal to this value. For example, if a player has 70 credits, then they could purchase one card with a Price of 70, or seven cards which each have a Price of 10, or any other combination. However, even if additional cards are added to or removed from a player’s hand after the start of the Requisition phase, that player’s available credits for the phase do not change. Available credits do not carry over from one Requisition phase to the next. 

When a player Requisitions a card, that card goes to their discard pile and the card to the right of the requisitioned card in the station slides into the space that card formerly occupied. Then, the top card of the Station deck goes into the right-most station slot.