The Cooperative Deck-Building Space Tactics Game

Game Setup

Galactic Strike Force comes with ten Strike Force ships, five Opposition Fleets, and ten Sectors. However, any given game will only include two to six Strike Force ships, one Opposition Fleet, and three Sectors.

To begin the game, each player picks a Strike Force Ship and places its Strike Force Ship panel, token (or miniature), and starting deck on the table in front of them. Each Strike Force Ship has a starting Weaponry and Defense value. At the start of the game, players place Weaponry and Defense tokens equal to these numbers on their Strike Force Ship panel. The starting Weaponry and Defense values do not need to be referenced for the rest of the game. Each player then draws four cards for their opening hand.  

After setting up their individual play areas, the players chose three Sector panels and place them in the middle of the table. They then shuffle the station cards, placing thirty on each of the Sector panels in the space marked “Station Deck”. The top cards of the Station Deck are drawn to fill the Station slots (Strike Force side up).  

Finally, the players choose one Opposition force to face. They shuffle the Opposition deck and play the top X cards of the Opposition deck across the 3 sectors, where X = the number of players plus 3. The remaining Opposition cards, as well as the Opposition Flagship panel and token (or mini) should be placed to one side for now.

Whenever a ship is deployed into the Galaxy, be sure to give it its starting Weaponry and Defense tokens! If a Ship loses all of its Weaponry and Defense tokens, it is destroyed and placed in the Scrap.

The galaxy should be entirely set up and the game ready to play!