The Cooperative Deck-Building Space Tactics Game

United Forces of Galactic Domination

Twelve years ago, Alayda na'Viars saw a problem. Trained at the best military academies in the Dirac Legature, she understood the power of organization, cooperation, and strong leadership, yet the chaotic galaxy in which she lived was beset by penury and corruption. Using her contacts in the Dirac Space Fleet, she amassed a band of loyal officers willing who believed in her goals and vision. From them, the best and brightest were selected to be her personal council, jointly leading this new faction. Defecting with a significant number of DSF vessels and hardware, Alayda and the council established a stronghold orbiting the Proto-Star Y'dera.

After scoring a series of victories against the DSF Armada sent to return her to the Legature, she and her followers withdrew to their shipyard fortress and began to build. Secretly aided by executives from Tartessan Fleet Engineering and United Dirac Fabrication, who saw an unprecedented chance to expand their customer base, Alaya's forces emerged after a decade of isolation with a massive and powerful fleet of modern warships.

Calling themselves the United Forces of Galactic Domination, Alayda and her council swiftly conquered a series of sectors and set about managing them with brutal efficiency. Modeling their government after that of the long-vanished Kol'varn Empire, Alayda and her council were jointly named Supreme Leaders and announced their intention to unite the galaxy under their rule. 

Since that day, the UFoGD have conquered a further twenty-four sectors in remote corners of the galaxy. While the coreward governments eye their maneuvers warily, none are willing to discard millions of credits in military hardware just to protect a few remote outposts, and the sectors still free of UFoGD influence find that very few options remain, especially when the council's flagship The Vindicator appears in their sector.

Principa Alayda na'Viars

Regarded as a brilliant tactician and ruthless but incorruptible leader, Alayda governs the 25 sectors under UFGD control from the command center of the Viars Empyrean, a massive space station complex orbiting the Proto-Star Y'dera. She is also highly regarded as an author for her Rise and Fall of the Kol'varn Empire, and her Economics of Interstellar Autocracy.