The Cooperative Deck-Building Space Tactics Game

Transdimensional Neo-Elves

Description: While their ancestors revered nature above all else, the ability of the Neo-Elves to exist across multiple simultaneous dimensions often lends them an air of unconcern over the destruction of minor sections of this reality. It also affords them an unprecedented aptitude for stealth and speed, a fact known only too well to many targets of the Neo-Elf Assassination Society.

Society: Neo-Elves wander the trans-galactic interspace as roving bands, each consisting of several extended families. Few Neo-Elves form permanent settlements, although particularly large groups, such as the Ashkaezar or the Shirvaan, will often remain in a single system for decades at a time as they carefully gather resources and shape the local interspace to their liking. The exception are the Enelvar, who reside permanently in the vicinity of the Qualondes Complex and have transformed the nearby systems into a massive work of transdimensional art.

Technology: Neo-Elven design focuses principally on stealth and speed, using organic crystal to craft items of unparalleled beauty. Their ships are powered by directly tapping the internode potential of a given point in space, which provides a difficult to maintain but nearly limitless source of power.