The Cooperative Deck-Building Space Tactics Game

Revenants of Nyotan

Less than a millenium after the Acherontic Cataclysm, a renegade faction of War Spectres were pulled off course by an eddy of infernal energy spiraling outward from the Flames of Karakos. Exposed to the counterenergy of the abyss, the War Spectres gained strange powers and became the Revenants of Nyotan, xenophobic, nearly immortal beings with a hatred of order. Over the centuries, they conquered a stretch of systems that became the mysterious Nyotan Holding.

While the Holding has remained within its borders for centuries, deep space pilots have begun to tell tales of vast infernal rifts, and ships that vanish without a trace. Others report encounters with space dwelling creatures twisted and warped by infernal energies. There have even been reports that a great laser dragon has been seen in the haunted sectors that lie near the Flames. Most dismiss these tales as idle rumor mongering, but some remember the history of the Holding, and quietly prepare for the worst.

Nyotan, Lord of Karakos

For nine millennia, the Holding has been guided by the pitiless will of Nyotan, Invincible Lord of Karakos. Also known as the Scourge of the Abyss, Nyotan has entangled itself in the mind of a young laser dragon, harnessing its ire for Nyotan's own dark purpose.