The Cooperative Deck-Building Space Tactics Game

Bio-Enhanced Metahumans

Description: Hailing from the twisted wreckage of a long-destroyed galaxy, metahumans can be both highly social and highly destructive, twin impulses seen nowhere better than in the cybernetic enhancements they wield. Relative newcomers to the galaxy, metahumans have quickly carved out for themselves a niche based on their command of subtemporal bioenergy and an inquisitiveness unmatched by other races.

Society: Metahuman settlement is concentrated in a dense band of stars near the galactic core. Nearly a thousand years ago, two rival factions consolidated power, and have waged intermittent war with one another throughout the centuries in a bid to finally dominate Metahuman space. The Dirac Legature holds the majority of the coreward systems and is governed by an ordered, bureaucratic oligarchy, while the Principate of Ri'ann controls a series of outward-spiraling systems controlled by a military-religious order.

Technology: Metahuman technology is based on the controlled fusion of biomater and synthetic technology. Pilots are temporarily wired into the superstructure of their ships, giving them unprecedented response time compared to their technologically disadvantaged rivals. Metahuman vessels also have limited regenerative abilities, allowing them to repair minor damage without any direction from their crew.