The Cooperative Deck-Building Space Tactics Game


War Spectres tend to hold to the philosophical principles of their ancient, pre-Acherontic ancestors. Their architecture is unfailingly massive and is constructed with beautifully imposing and ancient aesthetics. They favor order, reliability, and justice above all other concerns, and are generally known as unshakably principled in all aspects of their existence.

Basileios is a rather untraditional War Spectre who began its existence many centuries ago. After first coalescing from transdimensional interspace, Basileios was captured in the abyssal undertow of the Flames of Karakos. Although finally achieving its freedom after many decades of struggle, Basileios was irrevocably changed by the counter-energetic emanations, losing the empathetic sensibility that tempers the War Spectre drive for justice and order.

Many years ago, Basileios psionically enslaved a simple Knydaria, a space-dwelling organism that hunts among the asteroid fields of the coreward systems. It now uses the Kyndaria as a vessel and tech mule, interweaving weaponry and other technological components in its trailing tendrils. Basileios finds regular employment as a gun-runner and arms dealer; though its clients find its presence uncomfortable and price negotiation impossible. Basileios' prices are steep but fair, and while its merchandize enjoys a reputation of the highest quality, Basileios' reputation is considerably more harsh.