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Strike Force Ships and Pilots

Kharachar's Claw

Bands of Sulph-Orcs raiders have terrorized deep space shipping lanes for millennia. Fortunately for the galactic shipping conglomerates, Sulph-Orcs raids are typically checked by poor organization and intraspecies conflict. The exception is the Tydanic Horde, an alliance of hundreds of smaller Sulph-Orcs bands forged into a single force through eighteen years of brutal warfare by Kharachar, the greatest War-Prince the Sulph-Orcs have produced in centuries.

The Ranak Warbeast

Sulph-Orcs ships are rugged, heavily armed vessels fueled by the the combustion of kokytic ore. The noxious miasm produced by the kokytic drive makes operating Sulph-Orcs technology quite dangerous for other races. To suit the preference of their pilots, the vessels often forgo shielding in order to include more powerful armaments, resulting in vessels that are nearly as dangerous for their crew as for their opponents.

The Conclave of Niphon

War Spectre society is centered on a vast region of space known as the Oothagos Expanse, but War Spectres can be found throughout the galaxy, pursuing trade contracts and mysterious axiomatic protocols with equal fervor. Few members of other races have traveled far in the Expanse, but those who have made the journey report a vast area filled with planets and lead by a small group of high-ranking War Spectres known as The Cynosure.


War Spectres tend to hold to the philosophical principles of their ancient, pre-Acherontic ancestors. Their architecture is unfailingly massive and is constructed with beautifully imposing and ancient aesthetics. They favor order, reliability, and justice above all other concerns, and are generally known as unshakably principled in all aspects of their existence.

Uxshenti's Wrath

Transdimensional Neo-Elven vessel design focuses principally on stealth and speed, pushing the boundaries of construction practices by using organic crystal to craft components of unparalleled beauty. Their ships are powered by directly tapping the internode potential of a given point in space and time, which provides a difficult to maintain but nigh limitless source of power.


Neo-Elves wander the trans-galactic interspace as roving bands, each consisting of several extended families. Few Neo-Elves form permanent settlements, although particularly large groups, such as the Ashkaezar or the Shirvaan, will often remain in a single system for decades at a time as they carefully gather resources and shape the local interspace to their liking. The exception are the Enelvar, who reside permanently in the vicinity of the Qualondes Complex and have transformed the nearby systems into a massive work of transdimensional art.

The Bjarlspire

Quasimetallic Techno-Dwarven craft are heavily armored and skillfully constructed by hand, each vessel produced entirely without automation. Powered by a combination of nuclear decay and the Maegeir energy generated by its crew, a Techno-Dwarf vessel can operate for centuries without stopping to refuel. Techno-Dwarves export a great portion of their work in exchange for more mundane necessities, but as a rule their most subtle and dangerous technologies are reserved for their use alone.

Grey Hammer

The Techno-Dwarves have constructed the most enduring post-Cataclysmic civilization, forging asteroids, moons, and even entire planets into elaborate subterranean mega-cities. The greatest of the Techno-Dwarven kingdoms is Fornskjoeld, an enormous fortress-city carved into the heart of an icy planetoid and ruled by Asvard the Great-Speaker, an ancient craftsman and warrior of great skill.


Metahuman technology is based on the controlled fusion of biomater and synthetic technology. Pilots are temporarily wired into the superstructure of their ships, giving them unprecedented response time compared to their technologically disadvantaged rivals. Metahuman vessels also have limited regenerative capabilities, allowing them to repair minor damage without any direction from their crew.

Marot's Folly

Metahuman settlement is concentrated in a dense band of stars near the galactic core. Nearly a thousand years ago, two rival factions consolidated power, and have waged intermittent war with one another throughout the centuries in a bid to finally dominate Metahuman space. The Dirac Legature holds the majority of the coreward systems and is governed by an ordered, bureaucratic oligarchy, while the Principate of Ri'ann controls a series of outward-spiraling systems controlled by a military-religious order.

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