The Cooperative Deck-Building Space Tactics Game


Bio-Enhanced Metahumans

Description: Hailing from the twisted wreckage of a long-destroyed galaxy, metahumans can be both highly social and highly destructive, twin impulses seen nowhere better than in the cybernetic enhancements they wield. Relative newcomers to the galaxy, metahumans have quickly carved out for themselves a niche based on their command of subtemporal bioenergy and an inquisitiveness unmatched by other races.

Electro-Celestial War Spectres

Description: Lightning-fueled shades fused with celestial power, War Spectres are the undead remains of a pre-Acherontic civilization that strayed too far beyond the limits of reality. While their semi-corporeal forms and celestial energies afford them singular medical skills, their fierce tempers and devotion to their own outmoded sense of order often lead deadly interpersonal conflicts.

Transdimensional Neo-Elves

Description: While their ancestors revered nature above all else, the ability of the Neo-Elves to exist across multiple simultaneous dimensions often lends them an air of unconcern over the destruction of minor sections of this reality. It also affords them an unprecedented aptitude for stealth and speed, a fact known only too well to many targets of the Neo-Elf Assassination Society.

Quasimetallic Techno-Dwarves

Description: Half biological organism, half deutronium power cell, and half reinforced counter-steel, Quasimetallic Techno-Dwarves defy both traditional mathematical ratios and conventional mechanical wisdom to create the galaxy's most useful and terrifying technologies. Built beneath the crust of countless planetoids, Techno-Dwarf cities are among the most regimented and isolated in the star-faring civilizations.

Reptilian Sulph-Orcs

Description: The Acherontic Cataclysm tore rifts between reality and the Infernal Planes, fusing the war-bred legions of the Karakossic Demi-Autarch with arcane demonic energies. In the millennia since, the resulting race of Reptilian Sulph-Orcs has spread throughout the galaxy, alternately sowing destruction as roving bands of mercenaries and providing the muscle necessary for the construction of interstellar mega-structures.

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