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Opposition Fleets and Commanders

United Forces of Galactic Domination

Twelve years ago, Alayda na'Viars saw a problem. Trained at the best military academies in the Dirac Legature, she understood the power of organization, cooperation, and strong leadership, yet the chaotic galaxy in which she lived was beset by penury and corruption. Using her contacts in the Dirac Space Fleet, she amassed a band of loyal officers willing who believed in her goals and vision. From them, the best and brightest were selected to be her personal council, jointly leading this new faction.

Technovore Infestation

Far beyond the Kolvarian Wastes lies a dark and depopulated sector known as the Chelicerian Abyss. All probes to enter the Abyss vanished without a trace, and any deep space vessel to stray beyond the Wastes was never heard from again. Seventy years ago, a joint task force of Metahumans, Neo-Elves, and Sulf-Orcs ventured into the Abyss in strength, intending to secure the sector and harvest whatever dark energy lay within. As the vanguard emerged from internodal space, a shimmering rift appeared, belching forth a writhing swarm of legs and iridescent energy.

Omega Singularity

Centuries ago, in a sector that would later become part of the Dirac Legature, two neighboring worlds launched their first fully automated, self-repairing deep space probes. The first, from a peaceful world of culinary-minded hexapods, was tasked with finding and learning from other civilizations, and returning to the world of its creators with recipes from the stars. The second, from a system until recently wracked by interplanetary war, was programmed to gather and destroy deep space mines, automated weaponry, and other warlike technology.

Bareg Threllian Syndicate

On the edge of civilized space lies the Threll Confederation, a loosely-aligned collection of systems controlled by various corporations and criminal enterprises. The Threll, a long-lived race of amphibious cephalopods, act as leaders of many of the largest organizations in the area, and nominally control the Confederation from their watery homeworld.

Revenants of Nyotan

Less than a millenium after the Acherontic Cataclysm, a renegade faction of War Spectres were pulled off course by an eddy of infernal energy spiraling outward from the Flames of Karakos. Exposed to the counterenergy of the abyss, the War Spectres gained strange powers and became the Revenants of Nyotan, xenophobic, nearly immortal beings with a hatred of order. Over the centuries, they conquered a stretch of systems that became the mysterious Nyotan Holding.

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