The Cooperative Deck-Building Space Tactics Game

Galactic Strike Force

Galactic Strike Force is the tactical, cooperative, space battle, deck building game from the creators of Sentinels of the Multiverse!

In Galactic Strike Force, up to six players each control a member of a rogue Strike Force assembled to struggle against galactic threats that the major powers lack either the motivation or strength to face.

Guardians of Volneth

The galaxy has long forgotten the Volnethian people, but with the recent unearthing of Volnethian Artifacts, the fabled Guardians of Volneth have returned, and their impact on the galaxy will leave it forever changed.

Guardians of Volneth expands Galactic Strike Force, adding two new Sectors, five Mission Cards, fifteen Station Cards, and a sheet of Volnethian Artifact tokens to track the movement of power throughout the galaxy!



First Blog Post

Welcome to our new website for Galactic Strike Force! We're excited to get this up and running, so pleae bear with us while we continue to add content and flesh things out. Things that we are looking forward to adding are: